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I Need a Lawyer to Sue the City

You might be thinking to yourself, “I need a lawyer to sue the city,” but are unsure about where to begin. This is a challenging legal matter rife with complexities and intricate details. Often, when someone wants to sue the city, it has to do with personal injury.

How to Sue the City for Personal Injuries

Personal injury is a very broad spectrum of the law. In the simplest way put it is when a person is injured. However, usually, this involves an injury that happened because of a negligent or careless act. In this case, it would be associated with the City of Phoenix.  The injured person might wish to file a civil claim in court to have their medical care and other related expenses covered.

If you were injured by a city worker or on city property, you may be thinking, “I need a lawyer to sue the city of Phoenix.” This is not impossible but it can be very difficult to do because the city is a government entity. Suing the government is easier said than done, especially without a lawyer. The first step is to overcome the wall of protection that the government has given itself with regards to lawsuits. Next, you would generally have to follow these steps:

Abide by the Statute of Limitation: Known as a period you have to file a civil suit, this is a strict time limit which must be adhered to. Depending on the city, you may have between 30 and 180 days (or more) to file a claim.

Filing a Notice of Claim: A notice of claim is an extra process when you want to sue the city. There is a time limit to do this, which is why you should retain a lawyer as soon as possible, and let them know “I need a lawyer to sue the city.” In general, a notice of claim must:

  • Be able to show sufficient facts to support your claim
  • Be served to a person who can accept service or mail for the City
  • State a specific amount of desired compensation, plus how this amount was determined

Typically, the City will assess the Notice of Claim and let you know whether or not it has been denied within 60 days of your submission. We encourage you to call our firm, Alex & Saavedra, P.C., and tell us “I need a lawyer to sue the city.” We’ll give you our honest advice and let you know what options you might have available.

Requirements to Sue the City

In Phoenix, there are several requirements which must be followed in order to sue the city. Even if you believe it was not your fault, and that they were indeed negligent, you may need to jump through hoops. “I need a lawyer to sue the city,” you might say to yourself. That could very well be true, especially if you have experienced one of the following examples:

  • You tripped and fell on a pedestrian sidewalk
  • Your bike was caught on a down power line and caused you to crash
  • A police officer carelessly injured you
  • You called 911, but responders failed to show – or were too slow
  • A manhole was uncovered and caused you to be injured
  • Garbage was left on the streets and led to a slip and fall

The aforementioned are only examples but should give you an idea of how you can take action. For more detailed information, please call Alex & Saavedra, P.C., a law firm that has been defending clients since 1974.

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