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We have been fortunate to represent thousands of loyal clients over the past 27 years. Our results speak for themselves. In many instances, the insurance companies offered little or no compensation until our firm was retained.


In 2008-2012 our attorneys secured over $20 million to injured victims of accidents. This success is built on best litigation experience, technology, expert witnesses and hard work. The results listed helped our clients put their lives back in order.

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$6.3 million recovered for a construction worker with paralysis from an improperly erected scaffold that collapsed causing him to fall to the ground.

$2.5 million recovered from a business and forklift rental company when a 19 year old suffered a traumatic head injury and multiple fractures as a result of a job site accident.

$2.0 million recovered for a young woman who suffered third degree burns over approximately 7 percent of her body due to the negligence of a governmental entity.

$2.0 million recovered for the parents of a 4 year old boy in a wrongful death lawsuit against a dentist who negligently caused the death of the child.

$1.2 million recovered from a hit and run motorist and corporation for failure to yield to a motorcyclist causing the motorcyclist to lose control and suffer head, facial and pelvic injuries.

$1.24 million recovered for a 68 year old man with lower extremity fractures and diagnosis of cellulitis and other complications related to a motor vehicle accident.

$1.02 million recovered from a hospital and doctors who failed to properly diagnose a knee injury resulting in the amputation of a 36 year old patient’s knee.

$1.3 million recovered against a negligent driver who caused the death of a women survived by her husband and four children.

$900,000 recovered against a negligent driver and employer in a settlement for a 46 year old women who re-injured her neck and lower back resulting in surgery.

$900,000 recovered in favor of the wife for the death of her husband against a driver and trucking company after lengthy litigation on the issue of liability.

$732,500 recovered for a 9 year old child with a head injury and her family for orthopedic and soft-tissue injuries against an alcohol impaired driver and the bar establishment that served excessive amounts of liquor.

$475,000 secured for a 49 year old male who suffered a thoracic fracture requiring surgery caused by a rear-end accident.

$380,000 recovered against a negligent driver for a 54 year old man with head and shoulder injuries that required surgical repairs to the shoulder.


$250,000 recovered for 57 year old motorcyclist who suffered a heel fracture requiring surgery and a post-surgical infection due to the negligence of another motorist.

$210,000 recovered for a 40 year old man that was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and depression caused by a motor vehicle accident.

$200,000 recovered for a 57 year old food service supervisor involved in a motor vehicle accident with a fractured ankle, and back and chest wall injuries.

$200,000 recovered for a women suffering a heel fracture requiring surgery resulting from a motor vehicle accident.

$200,000 recovered for a 29 year old motorcyclist who sustained a pelvic fracture as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

$175,000 recovered for a 26 year old male who suffered a shoulder injury requiring surgery when a tractor trailer forced his vehicle off the highway resulting in a roll over.

$150,000 recovered for a 37 year old man with back injury and an elbow injury that developed a fibrotic nodule requiring surgical repair.

$150,000 recovered for a 69 year old man with a complex shoulder injury requiring surgery due to a motor vehicle accident in Payson, Arizona.

$140,000 recovered for a motorcyclist who sustained a hand fracture and a compartment syndrome of the left leg caused by negligent motorist.

$120,000 recovered for a 17 year old male who sustained rib fractures and a collapsed lung in a motor vehicle accident.

$120,000 recovered for a 77 year old male who sustained a concussion with mild-traumatic brain injury with mild to moderate vertigo as result of a motor vehicle accident.

$115,000 recovered for a 72 year old male with a hip fracture conservatively treated (not requiring surgery) arising out of a motor vehicle accident.


$250,000 recovered against the owner of a shopping mall and management company for a 50 year old women with pre-existing arthritis that tripped on protruding nails in a parking lot resulting in a cervical injury.

$200,000 recovered for a 39 year old mentally challenged woman who was negligently supervised by a day care program resulting in a puncture wound to the ankle that became infected resulting in reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD).


$100,000 recovered against a homeowner for a 9 year old girl with facial scarring from a dog bite.

$100,000 recovered against a homeowner for a meter-reader bitten on the nose by a dog.

$147,000 recovered against a homeowner for a dog that jumped on a 60 year old women causing her to fall backwards damaging her shoulder.


$265,000 recovered for a 17 year old girl struck by a car while running across the street to catch a city bus and sustained multiple orthopedic injuries to her low back, knee and foot.


$100,000 recovered for a 56 year old man with a pre-existing disability from a stroke when his bicycle was struck at low speed by a motor vehicle pushing client to the pavement where he suffered a post-concussion syndrome with dizziness and headaches as a result of the accident.

$100,000 recovered for a 31 year old bicyclist who suffered a fractured femur in a motor vehicle accident with disputed liability.

$45,000 recovered for a bicyclist with a knee sprain that required physical therapy caused by a negligent motorist.


$185,000 recovered for a 39 year old cabinet installer who was electrocuted during a condominium conversion project, fell backwards, and ruptured a lumbar disc requiring surgery.


$300,000 recovered for a female employee who suffered a knee injury requiring two surgeries when she slipped on liquid wax left by a cleaning crew at her place of employment.

$62,500.00 recovered against a cleaning service which removed tile from the sub-floor of a computer room creating a tripping hazard resulting in an IT technician tripping and suffering a torn labrum in his shoulder that required surgery.


$103,000 recovered for a 77 year old women who injured her shoulder requiring surgery when she was thrown to the ground while attempting to stop a person who stole her purse from driving away in a vehicle.

$90,000 recovered against a truck driver and trucking company for an assault upon a female security guard resulting in a wrist fracture.


$85,000 recovered against an insurance company that refused to pay storm damage for the roof of a commercial building.