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Dog Bite Laws
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Dog owners, or other people responsible for the dog at the time, are responsible for injuries caused by their dogs while the dog was not on a leash or confined by an enclosure. It is a crime for a dog to be off-leash in public and an owner may be charged with a felony in certain situations such as where the owner knows or has reason to know the dog has a propensity to attack or cause injury.

Vicious dogs, which are listed by breed, are not permitted in public without leashes. In addition, no dogs are allowed in public parks or on public school property unless they are physically restrained by a leash, cage, or other enclosure, or are being exhibited or trained at a recognized kennel event, public school, or park-sponsored event.

In Phoenix, there are some exceptions to the dog leash rule. While most owners or custodians must keep a dog on a leash at all times when it is not confined to the property of the owner, a dog may roam off-leash at special dog parks, and some dog sport enthusiasts who own specially trained dogs and peace officers from law enforcement agencies can use parks for legitimate training purposes.


There is strict liability in Arizona for dog bites. An owner of a dog that bites someone is responsible for damages and injury suffered by the bitten party regardless of whether the dog has bitten someone before. This differs from many places that have a one-bite rule for dogs.

As part of Phoenix dog bite lawsuits, victims of dog bites can recover compensation for medical bills (including plastic surgery), lost wages, pain and suffering (past and future), and for permanent injury such as scarring, disfigurement, and emotional stress.

Under Arizona dog bite and leash laws, you have one year to file a strict liability claim against the owner of a dog that bit you.

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