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Phoenix Head and Brain Injury Attorney


37 years of experience, expertise and results

HBThe attorneys of Alex & Saavedra have over 37 years of experience in evaluating the full and actual losses experienced by clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or other permanent head injuries. We have obtained outstanding results for our clients. If you would like to discuss a claim for brain injuries with a member of our firm, please contact us at our main office at 602-971-9771 to arrange a free consultation.


We understand the complexities of traumatic head and brain injuries. Your life is turned upside-down, you are faced with extraordinary medical expenses, financial stress and an uncertain prognosis. Alex & Saavedra and our staff will answer your questions regarding doctor referrals and guidance during this difficult time. Our firm has years of experience in dealing with head trauma and will provide top-notch legal representation as well as helpful and courteous assistance in all matters related to your claim.


In addition to memory loss, learning disabilities, or even disabilities so severe the brain injured person requires a lifetime of nursing home care, traumatic brain injuries are often followed by severe psychological and emotional trauma, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our Phoenix Head and Brain Injury Attorneys help assure that you receive medical evaluations and medical treatment from well qualified medical professionals and therapists.

The expense of treating head and brain injuries, the anticipated cost of lifelong medical care, loss of employment opportunities, modifications to the home and other factors may cost millions of dollars over the lifetime of an injured client. These damages must be carefully considered when calculating brain injuries or a brain damage claim.

Accident victims with head or spine injuries often suffer orthopedic injuries. It is important to identify all of your injuries in order to obtain full value for your claim. Our firm will work with your physicians or refer you to medical specialists for your particular orthopedic injury.


Traumatic head and brain injuries are never routine and almost always require a team of leading experts. Our firm frequently retains medical experts, accident reconstructionists, vocational rehabilitation specialists and economists to establish the full cost of past and future care so that our clients are completely compensated for their losses.

Alex & Saavedra has the commitment and resources to assemble a team of experts to bring your case to trial. Frankly, insurance companies seldom settle serious head and brain injuries unless a lawsuit is filed and discovery performed. It has been our experience that when we are well-prepared for trial with our a team of experts in place, the insurance company becomes highly motivated to settle.


When handling a head and brain injuries case, it is important to establish liability of the person or entity that caused the accident. The key to a successful result is preserving critical evidence. Whether the brain injuries resulted from a automobile crash, motorcycle accident, a trucking or construction accident or other traumatic event you may be immediately transported to a emergency room without the opportunity of explaining to the investigating authorities how the accident occurred. It is common for the person who caused the accident not to tell the whole story or even offer a complete fabrication in their favor.

Additionally, many individuals who suffer from brain injuries are not able to remember the specifics of the accident. Brain injuries cases can be complex and difficult due to liability issues and the severity of the brain injuries. Alex & Saavedra will send an investigator to interview all witnesses while the accident is fresh in their memory and retail experts to establish liability. As to the complexity of your case, we have the experience and expertise to obtain a winning result.

In a lessor head injury case, the insurance company may not believe that you have actually suffered head and brain injuries because diagnostic tests may fail to detect the injury. We recognize the subtleties of concussions and mild-to-moderate head injuries and will prepare your case for full compensation.


It is important that you retain an experienced head and brain injury attorney. Please contact Alex & Saavedra at its main office at 602-971-9771 to arrange a free consultation with a partner of the firm.

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