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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Alex & Saavedra has been successfully serving Phoenix, Cave Creek, Surprise AZ clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases for over 37 years. Call 602-971-1775 for a free evaluation.

motorcycle accident lawyer Phoenix AZ

Phoenix AZ Motorcycle Accident Lawyer serving Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Cases

The motorcycle accident lawyer Phoenix AZ residents trust; with over 30 years of experience, expertise, and results.

Motorcycle crashes are frequently complex as the injuries are serious and insurance adjusters do not understand the physics of operating a motorcycle. Alex & Saavedra has successfully represented motorcycle clients for over 30 years obtaining outstanding results.


In Arizona there are approximately 3,000 motorcycle crashes every year. Worse, there was an alarming 123 fatal motorcycle crashes in 2009, and the percentage of motorcycle crashes to all motor vehicle accidents is on the rise.

Although the motorcycle community is experiencing astounding growth, car and truck drivers continue to be unaware of their presence on the road. Remarkably, insurance companies attempt to blame the motorcyclist for the accident and injuries. The motorcycle accident lawyer Phoenix AZ relies on is found among the attorneys at Alex & Saavedra, who have been setting the record straight for over 30 years while obtaining remarkable recoveries for our clients.


Motorcycle crash victims are often immediately transported to an emergency room. They may not have the opportunity to explain what happened to the investigating police officer. The police officer is likely to obtain the facts of the accident from the other driver, the driver’s passenger, or witnesses who may not tell or know the complete story. The police investigation may be inaccurate and jeopardize a claim. Motorcycle crashes are almost never routine and are vigorously defended by insurance companies.

It is important that you or a family member retain an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Phoenix AZ residents continue to call upon, and at the earliest possible time. Alex & Saavedra will send an investigator to interview all the witnesses while the accident is fresh in their memory.

An accident reconstructionist will visit the accident scene to measure and compare their findings to the traffic accident report. Often times physical evidence at the scene such as debris, tire marks, and other witness marks are overlooked by investigating officers. Our experts scientifically establish the dynamics of the accident and who was at fault. Most of the time, it is the motorist that was careless or reckless in causing motorcycle crashes.


Alex & Saavedra have extensive experience in handling the complex motorcycle crashes and obtaining successful results for our clients.

The key reason for retaining Alex & Saavedra is our experience, expertise, and results. Just as important, our attorneys and staff understand that serious or catastrophic injuries will turn your life upside-down. We will do whatever possible to lessen your stress and anxiety about the cost of your medical treatment, financial hardship, and uncertainty of your future.

Our firm will bring together a team of leading experts. It is common to retain an investigator, accident reconstructionist, physician and life-care planner, vocational rehabilitation specialist, and an economist to build a complete picture of our your injuries and damages (past and future). We can assist in referring you to leading neurological specialists for spine and traumatic brain injuries. We will arrange for an orthopedic doctor to provide treatment for such injures as neck, shoulder, back, pelvic, hips and other bone and joint injuries.

  • Motorists fail to appreciate the inherent operating characteristics of motorcycles.
  • Motorcycles do not stop on a dime.
  • Most car and truck drivers are not able to estimate motorcycle speed or the distance the motorcycle driver requires to stop.
  • It is more difficult for a motorcycle than an auto to avoid a road hazard such as construction debris, a parked car, or broken pavement without losing control.
  • The most common statement from a motorcycle driver or passenger following an accident is “the driver didn’t even see me.”
  • It is not a valid excuse for the motorist to deny seeing the motorcyclist.
  • Our motorcycle experts can prove your headlight was on before the collision.
  • Our firm is up-to-date on helmet laws and will retain a biomechanical expert to rebut insurance company’s “lack of helmet defense.”
  • We will work with our experts to determine whether an accident was caused by defective equipment, a phantom vehicle, gravel spilled from a rock truck, or other causes.
  • Victims of motorcycle crashes are entitled to compensation for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering (past and future), and permanent injury or disfigurement.
  • A motorcycle passenger can sue the motorbike driver for negligence.


Alex & Saavedra has the experience, expertise and skills to investigate and litigate serious motorcycle crashes. We have represented clients who have suffered:

If you or a family member are injured in a motorcycle accident, please contact our main office at 602-971-1775 for a free consultation with the experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Phoenix AZ residents know to call.

Trust Alex & Saavedra to handle your Motorcycle Accident Case, serving Phoenix, Cave Creek, Surprise AZ for over 37 years.