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Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorney

Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorney

Alex & Saavedra, PC is passionate about helping our clients receive the benefits they are entitled to and treating each Client with the respect and dignity they deserve.

The Social Security process can be very long and difficult. We understand that all our Clients want is to be informed of the process and to be treated with dignity and respect. That is why Alex & Saavedra prides itself on being different than other Social Security Law firms by focusing on:

  • Communication – All client intakes and reviews are conducted by a Phoneix Social Security Disability Attorney. The most common complaint from Social Security Claimants is that they do not meet their attorney until right before the hearing. You will speak to an attorney at intake, medical, review and two weeks prior to your hearing.
  • Experience – Our Attorneys have worked on over 1000 Social Security claims including Children’s Social Security Cases, SSI, and SSDI claims in the following ODAR offices: Phoenix, North Phoenix, Apache Junction, Globe, Yuma, Tucson, Needles, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Austin, Texas.
  • Commitment – Our Attorneys are committed to our Clients and treating them with dignity and respect as they go through this difficult process.

If you have a pending hearing or have been denied, contact us to schedule a free review of your Social Security Disability case by a Social Security Disability Lawyer. We will explain the five steps required to prove Social Security Disability: work; severe medical condition; listings; other work and GRIDS Rules; and sustainability of work issues.

We provide social security services in the following areas:

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Social Security Disability Initial Applications

We take cases from the initial level and can assist with submitting your application to social security. The Social Security Initial Application step is very important and can impact whether your case is approved or not.

Social Security Reconsideration

After an initial denial the next step is appealing for reconsideration. The Social Security Reconsideration process is important to address any issues that weren’t covered at the initial application. Speaking with a Social Security Disability Attorney at this stage can help your case significantly by addressing the requirements for an appeal like, ensuring you submit the required Disability Report Appeal Form.

Social Security Hearings

After a reconsideration denial and appeal the next step is the hearing. This is the most crucial step and indeed where we take most of our cases. A Social Security hearing is a non-adversarial hearing where a social security claimant is allowed to present evidence and argument in front of an Administrative Law Judge.

Appeals Council Request for Review

After a hearing denial if you do not agree with the Administrative Law Judge’s decision you can file for an Appeals Council Request for Review. Please contact us for a free case review if you have been denied at the hearing level.

Social Security Federal Court

If you disagree with the decision of the appeals council you may be able to appeal to Federal Court. The Social Security Federal Court stage specifically addresses the decision of the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Are you Working?

If you worked during 2014 and earned an average of more than $1,070 per month, you will most likely not be considered disabled. To find your average monthly income, add your paychecks together for the year and divide by 12.

How Severe is Your Condition?

The Social Security Administration will look at the severity of your condition. Your condition must interfere with your basic activities that are related to working.

List of Disabling Conditions

The Social Security Administration follows a list of medical conditions it considers disabling. The conditions in this list are severe enough that the agency automatically considers you disabled if you meet them. If your condition is not listed, the agency decides if your condition is equally severe to a condition on the list. If your condition is listed, the agency will find that you are disabled.

Additionally, the agency has a compassionate allowance list, which allow you to qualify for disability as soon as you are diagnosed and include conditions such as pancreatic cancer, acute leukemia and Lou Gehrig’s disease.


The last two issues deal with work. If your condition is severe but does not interfere with the work you did before, the agency will deny your claim. If it is severe but does interfere with the work you did before, the agency will determine if you can adjust to another field of work and looks at factors such as your education, age, transferable skills and past work experience. If the agency finds that you can adjust to other work, it will deny your claim.

If you have been denied Social Security Disability or are thinking about submitting a claim and wish to speak with a Social Security Disability Attorney, call us at 602-971-1775.