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How to Sue the Government in Phoenix AZ

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to the negligence actions of a Phoenix agency or employee, you might be wondering how to sue the government in Phoenix AZ. This question is very common, but also draws an immense amount of confusion because it involves a government agency. Finding a lawyer to assist in suing a government can be extremely challenging which is why you should turn to the law firm of Alex & Saavedra. Since 1974 we have fought for the rights of our clients. Driven by a passionate zeal to get justice, we know how to successfully sue the government. If you would like to know more, please call Alex & Saavedra today.

How to Sue the Government in Phoenix AZ

The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) gives Americans the right to file a claim for monetary compensation. There are specific steps you must follow in order for your claim to be accepted and acted upon. Before beginning this process, it’s a good idea to gain a better understanding of how to sue the government in Phoenix AZ.

  1. Under FTCA regulations, your claim must be against a federal employee and not an independent contractor of the government. In general, the claim must also involve negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing while an employee is working on the job. Typically, willful misconduct is not an acceptable reason to sue unless it was perpetuated by a law enforcement official.
  2. When it comes to suing the government, there are very complex laws and little-known rules which is why you should contract a law firm such as Alex & Saavedra. Our team is already familiar with the process and we have the confidence and willingness to take on government agencies. Although every state imposes different requirements upon citizens wishing to sue the government, some of the more common ones include:
  3. A written advanced notice to the government agency describing the legal claim is required.
  4. Claimants will have a limited time to file a claim.
  5. There may be compensation limits on recoverable damages.
  6. Private entities may or may not be included in the claim unless they meet certain criteria.
  7. Acts such as discrimination or harassment may fall into another type of claim, but could still be pursuable.
  8. Hard evidence may be needed.
  9. Suing the government is not the same process as suing a civilian. A good lawyer knows how to sue the Phoenix government while adhering to these specific requirements. Everything must be enacted upon in a timely manner to avoid repercussions that could include the inability to get compensation. For these reasons, Alex & Saavedra encourages clients to contact us as soon as possible when they want to learn more about how to sue the government in Phoenix AZ.

When You Need a Phoenix Arizona Lawyer Who Is Experienced in Suing the Government

Alex & Saavedra has practiced law for decades and we have built a reputation for effective litigation of government related claims. It is this experience that drives clients to turn to our law firm when they need a lawyer to vigorously protect their rights. If you would like to know more about how to sue the government in Phoenix AZ, please call 602-971-1775 for a free consultation.