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Sue the City

If your injuries are caused by the negligence of the city of Phoenix, you may want to sue the city. Filing a lawsuit against a city is trickier than filing against a private company, so it is beneficial to have a skilled lawyer on your side. At Alex & Saavedra, P.C., we have helped individuals like yourself file claims against the city and get obtain fair compensation. Here are useful tips on how to sue the city:

1. Understand the Statute of Limitations

If you wish to sue the city of Phoenix, you must understand that there is a time limit. Phoenix only gives you 180 days to file a claim. Once that timeframe has passed, you won’t be able to recover compensation for your injuries. To avoid missing the deadline, hire an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to help you begin the claim process. With a skilled lawyer on your side you can avoid making mistakes on the paperwork and delaying the process.

2. File a Notice of Claim

Before you bring a lawsuit, you must file a Notice of Claim. In the claim, you are required to provide the names and contacts of people involved in the accident, where, when, and how the accident happened, a description of your injuries, and the amount of compensation you seek. You also must explain how you came up with that amount. For example, if you want to sue the city for $10,000, you might say that $5,000 is for medical bills that resulted from your injuries, $2,000 is for lost wages, and the rest is for pain and suffering.

3. File a Lawsuit

On occasion, the city may offer a settlement after receiving a Notice of Claim to avoid dealing with a lawsuit. Many other times, the city denies the claim. If your claim was denied, the next step is to file a lawsuit against the city. To successfully sue the city for negligence, you have to prove these elements: duty of care, a breach of duty, and proof that the breach of duty caused the injury.

Just like with any other lawsuit, sufficient evidence is needed to prove your claim. Work with your lawyer to obtain as much evidence as possible about your case, such as photos, witness statements, and medical records.

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It’s important understand that suing the government is different than suing a private party. In order to sue the city, you may have to take extra steps and deal with several obstacles along the way. For example, certain laws put a limit on the amount of damages you can recover from the government. Although you may feel discouraged at times, and although the process can be very difficult and time-consuming, it still may be possible to file a successful lawsuit.

If you have decided to sue the city, don’t hesitate to contact Alex & Saavedra, P.C. today at 602-971-1775 to schedule a consultation.